Sé Frances

BSc Psychology (2019)

PhD Student

Phone: 0113 206 8330

Email: umsmfr@leeds.ac.uk

Sé joined the group in March 2020 in a full time PhD position, working on a project funded by the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC). The aim of this project is to understand the long term implications of treatment of rare brain tumours as a cross-sectional European study. Sé will be examining the different aspects of health-related quality of life that are affected as a result of these rare brain tumours and their treatment. She is working under the supervision of Dr. Florien Boele, Dr. Martin Klein (Amsterdam UMC) and Professor Galina Velikova.

Having completed her BSc in Psychology at the University of Sheffield in 2019, her interests lie particularly in health, social and medical psychology with particular emphasis on individual quality of life. Her dissertation examined the impact of mental stocktaking on self-efficacy for self-compassionate responding in response to adversity and goal attainment.