Dr Rosemary Peacock

Research Assistant

email: r.peacock@leeds.ac.uk

I have a longstanding interest in patient experience and am currently working part-time on two projects in the Patient Centred Outcomes Research Group.

Developing communication tools for patient-reported outcomes (PROs) from clinical controlled trials (CCTS).  This study is part of the SISAQOL-IMI Consortium, which aims to establish via international consensus standards for the analysing, reporting and displaying PRO results.  A key commitment is develop tools that are accessible and understandable by members of the public and patients.

CANVAS: Cancer Surveillance and Support. Developing and testing patient centred models for support of cancer survivors with breast and bowel cancer. Funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research.

Previously I have worked as a research fellow:

  • Developing an online symptom monitoring system for lung cancer patients at Leeds Cancer Centre (PCOR)
  • eRAPID RCT testing the value of an online symptom monitoring system for patients receiving treatment for cancer (PCOR)
  • Yorkshire Patient Experience Toolkit: action research methods to understand how patient feedback can be used in improve care experiences in hospital wards

My PhD explored whether personal communities provide support and a sense of belonging to people living with visible facial difference (University of Bradford, 2015)

Recent journal publications:

Marsh C, Peacock R, Sheard L, Lawton, R Testing a toolkit that uses patient experience feedback to improve care. Nursing Times [online]; 2021 117: 1, 39-43.

Sheard, L and Peacock, R  Fiddling while Rome burns? Conducting research with healthcare staff when the NHS is in crisis. Journal of Health Organization and Management. 2019 Dec 9. doi: 10.1108/JHOM-04-2019-0105. PMID: 32083407.

Marsh C, Peacock R, Sheard L, Hughes L, Lawton R. Patient experience feedback in UK hospitals: What types are available and what are their potential roles in quality improvement (QI)? Health Expect. 2019 Jun;22(3):317-326.