Dr Rosemary Peacock

Research Fellow

email: r.peacock@leeds.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)113 206 7516
I am currently a Research Fellow in the Patient-Centred Outcomes Research Group at St. James’s Hospital in the eRAPID team, evaluating online systems which aim to improve the use of patient self-reports in the management of symptoms and side effects associated with cancer treatments. Prior to this I worked for Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research Group at the Bradford Institute for Health Research for three years investigating how patient feedback can be used to enhance patient experience. This collaborative action research study worked with patients and hospital staff to co-design and develop the Yorkshire Patient Experience Toolkit.

I am primarily a qualitative health researcher interested in experience of health and illness; patient-centred quality improvement; facilitation; and inclusion of patients, their family, and members of the public in research.

I studied Psychology at the University of Leeds, hold a Masters in Social Science Research Methodology from the Open University and completed my PhD at the University of Bradford in 2015. My doctorate explored how personal communities provide a sense of belonging and support to people living with visible facial difference. I started my research career at University of Leeds Institute for Health Science where I worked for five years as a research assistant on quantitative and qualitative health services research studies and developed skills in mixed methods research.


PhD, Health Studies, University of Bradford

MSc, Social Science Research Methodologies, Open University

BSc Hons, Psychology, University of Leeds

Journal Articles

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