Leanne Shearsmith

BSc (Hons) Psychology (Industrial, 2016)

Research Assistant

Phone: 0113 2068330



Leanne joined the group in September 2014 as a volunteer Research Assistant, forming an industry year of her degree and working on several projects exploring quality of life and symptom-reporting in cancer patients, including ReportUK, eRAPID, OPTIMAL and Life After Prostate Cancer Diagnosis. She returned to her studies in 2015 and graduated from the University of Leeds in 2016, having been awarded the H Gwynne Jones prize for achieving the highest mark in her year group for her dissertation on “Investigating Effective Preparation Strategies for Optimal Surgical Performance in Laparoscopic Surgery”. Alongside her degree she volunteered for Teddy Bear Hospital, delivering health education workshops to children aged 4-8 with the aim of alleviating childhood anxiety of hospitals and medical procedures.

She returned to the group in 2017, working as a Research Assistant on the Radiotherapy strand of the eRAPID project, which involved recruiting and training patients in the use of eRAPID to report symptoms and side effects during and after cancer treatment.

Since November she has been working as a Research Assistant for Phase 3 of the DECIDE project. The project aims to develop a new reliable and valid measure which can be used to assess the needs of carers of people with dementia who are living in the community. Leanne also works on the ePRIME (electronic Patient self-Reported outcomes to Improve cancer Management and patient Experiences) study, funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research, which is exploring an innovative approach for remote monitoring/support of patients on clinical trials and follow-up for gynaecological cancer.

Research Interests

Health psychology, neuroscience and medicine.

Presentations and Publications
  • Holch, P., Henry, A. M., Davidson, S., Gilbert, A., Routledge, J., Shearsmith, L., Franks, K., Ingleson, E., Albutt, A., Velikova, G. (2017) Acute and Late Adverse Events Associated With Radical Radiation Therapy Prostate Cancer Treatment: A Systematic Review of Clinician and Patient Toxicity Reporting in Randomized Controlled Trials. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics. 97 (3) 495-510.
  • Holch P, Henry A, Franks K, Davidson S, Routledge J, Shearsmith L, Gilbert A, Ingleson E, Albutt A, Velikova G Instruments to record acute and late adverse events (AE) associated with radical prostate cancer treatment for remote monitoring in clinical practice: A systematic review of randomised controlled trials (RCT). (Grant Reference Number RP-PG-0611-20008). Psycho-oncology 24 (Suppl.1) 11-12.