Communication in the context of glioblastoma treatment: what matters most in times of Covid-19

Project start date: February 2021

Anticipated end date: February 2022

Background: Patients diagnosed with glioblastoma face a poor prognosis. Treatment is aggressive and includes surgery, radiotherapy and/ or chemotherapy, with a view to balancing benefits for quantity and quality of life. Yet, little is known about how treatment options are communicated to glioblastoma patients and their families, or how this is impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Objective: We aim to investigate communication in the context of glioblastoma.

Methods: This is a qualitative study with semi-structured interviews. We will interview patients diagnosed with glioblastoma, their family carers, and healthcare professionals. Outcomes will be used to develop communication guidelines for clinicians so that glioblastoma patients and their families can have more helpful, informed, and patient-centred discussions regarding treatment options.

Research team:

Dr Florien Boele

Ms Lucy Pointon

Dr Louise Murray

Papers: Boele FW, Butler S, Nicklin E, Bulbeck H, Pointon L, Short SC, Murray L. Communication in the context of glioblastoma treatment: A qualitative study of what matters most to patients, caregivers and health care professionals. Palliat Med. 2023 Feb 3:2692163231152525. doi: 10.1177/02692163231152525. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 36734532.