Successful implementation of eRAPID RCT: an eHealth Intervention during systemic cancer treatment

Congratulations to the PCOR clinical researchers and oncologists and nurses from the Leeds Cancer Centre, who completed and recently published ( a unique UK trial (eRAPID, electronic patient self-Reporting of Adverse-events: Patient Information and aDvice).

Funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), the eRAPID trial set out to establish whether symptom control could be improved using automated advice, to try to improve patients’ wellbeing. It included 508 patients aged 18 to 86 who were starting chemotherapy at Leeds Cancer Centre. All patients received their usual care, with 256 receiving the eRAPID system as additional care. 

Patients reported better symptom control and physical wellbeing in the early weeks of treatment, with the system preventing symptom deterioration in about nine percent of patients after 12 weeks. Patients reported more confidence in managing their health at the end of their four-month trial period. The results demonstrate that improvements to patients’ physical wellbeing can be achieved in a cost-effective way without increasing clinicians’ workload. For more information about the study please click here

Top Row from L-R: Kate Absolom, Zoe Rogers and Lorraine Warrington.
Middle Row from L-R: Galina Velikova and Sarah Dickinson.
Bottom Row from L-R: Robert Carter, Marie Holmes and Andrea Gibson.

SIDECAR Launch Event

On 18th September 2019 the DECIDE team hosted an End of Study Event to mark the official launch of the SIDECAR tool (Scales measuring the Impact of DEmentia on CARers).  The event included presentations from the study’s principal investigators and partners. For more detail please click here

PCOR 20 year celebrations 1996 – 2016


On Thursday 3rd November 2016 the Section of Patient Centred Outcomes Research (PCOR) celebrated their 20 year anniversary at University House. The team welcomed 60 guests including past and current colleagues and collaborators. Guest speakers on the day included, Professor Neil Aaronson (Netherlands Cancer Institute), Dr Yvette Oade (Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust) and Professor Jose Valderas (University of Exeter). Patient representatives Barbara Woroncow and Geoff Ogden also contributed to the programme.

Originally established by Professor Peter Selby and now led by Professor Galina Velikova, PCOR is internationally known for its innovative research on the development and application of patient reported outcomes in oncology practice. Within the section, Dr Penny Wright and Dr Dan Stark lead research on psychosocial-oncology and teenage and young adult cancer.

Please find below the presentations that were given on the day: