Dr Sue Hartup

Nurse Research Fellow in Oncology

s.hartup@nhs.net / s.m.hartup@leeds.ac.uk


Registered General Nurse (1992), BSc (Hons) Biosciences and Health (2002), PGC Independent Practice in Health (2008), PGC Health Research (2014), Nurse Independent and Supplementary prescriber (2021), PhD (Jan 2022)


Sue was a Senior Breast Cancer Research Nurse who is currently working as a Nurse Research Fellow at the Leeds Cancer Centre, UK. Sue was awarded an NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship in 2016 to undertake her PhD which she completed part time whilst continuing to work as senior breast research nurse.

She has particular interests in the identification of patient unmet needs and the coproduction of clinical trials to improve patient experience and outcomes. She is a staunch supporter of non-medical clinical academics, developing this role at Leeds with the support of the PCOR group and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust R&I department. This role is supported by the Leeds Hospitals Charity who have agreed to fund this development post until 2024. As a clinical academic nurse research fellow, she is working on a number of trials including international studies of PRO development, CTIMPs and QoL studies and is currently the co-developer and trial manager of the MARECA national study of breast cancer local recurrences. Sue provides expertise and support to other trials as a member of several trial management groups and steering committees and co-applicant on several successful grant applications. She also works alongside patients and supporters as an active West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance CancerSMART Champion. Sue is a member of the Academic and Research committee, a nursing committee member of the Association of Breast Surgeons, and an honorary lecturer at the University of Leeds. She also acts as a reviewer for the HTA and NIHR, European Journal of Cancer and Breast Cancer Now.

Sue is a member of the NCRI breast cancer group, was recently appointed national Deputy Chair of an NCRI working group. and is an active member of the EORTC Quality of Life group. She has collaborated both nationally and internationally with experts in breast cancer services, research, PROs, and clinical trials.

Having helped others develop research projects and trials for many years, she was a co-applicant on a successful £2.5 million HTA grant in 2013 (the Mammo-50 trial) which encouraged her to start designing her own research projects. She was awarded an HEE/NIHR ICA Programme Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship for her PhD: The development and feasibility testing of a web-based intervention to support pain and symptom self-management in breast cancer surgery. This included a local audit, scoping review, systematic review, qualitative study with patient focus groups and staff interviews, intervention development and a feasibility study to test the web-based intervention. Sue is also currently working on 3 locally developed studies; one exploring methods for increasing breast cancer patient adherence to endocrine therapy; one for measuring and monitoring pain in metastatic clinics and a weight management programme in breast cancer.

Research Interests

  • Breast cancer symptom self-management including using PROs to monitor symptoms and tailor support
  • Breast cancer radiotherapy clinical trials
  • Measurement of patient reported outcomes (PROs) and quality of life in routine clinical practice
  • Family history of breast cancer
  • Medication adherence to reduce recurrence
  • Imaging studies including breast density
  • Developing non-medical clinical academic roles and studies


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