Occupational expectations, experiences and satisfaction in people diagnosed with a primary brain tumour: a qualitative study

Project start date: September 2021

Expected end date: July 2022

Background: The number of adults diagnosed with brain tumours is increasing, as are the survival rates. Often overlooked in brain tumour patients due to traditionally poor survival, is the effect of the disease and its treatment on occupational outcomes and work ability. Despite the paucity of studies, returning to work is an important issue as it can impact on patients’ and their families’ personal well-being, financial circumstances and quality of life.

Study aim: We aim to explore the occupational expectations, experiences and satisfaction of brain tumour patients (and their caregivers) following diagnosis and treatment. 

Study design: This is a qualitative, multi-centre study. We will recruit brain tumour patients and their caregivers to undertake individual, semi-structured interviews. Participants will be recruited from both Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Study outcomes: The results of our study can be useful in both clinical and research contexts. More knowledge around the experiences, barriers and facilitators influencing patients’ return to work allows the planning of tailored occupational supportive services and resources.

Research Team        

Dr Emma Nicklin (Principle investigator)

Dr Florien Boele

Dr Isaac Phang

Prof Susan Short

Petra Hoogendoorn (PPI Representative)