Project title: electronic Patient self-Reported outcomes to Improve cancer Management and patient Experiences funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research

Project start date: February 2016

Anticipated end date: March 2021

Funding: Yorkshire Cancer Research


Cancer survival rates are increasing due to better screening and effective treatments. An estimated 2.5 million people are now living with cancer in the UK. Although many are cured or in remission, they remain on follow-up to detect recurrence and manage persistent symptoms and late treatment effects. Other patients are living with advanced cancer and receive ongoing disease-modifying treatments or participate in early phase trials of innovative treatments. With the growing number of people living with cancer, the traditional hospital follow-up is not sustainable. New models of follow-up care and better methods of long-term symptom tracking in survivors are urgently needed. Information technology offers potential solutions for remote-monitoring/community surveillance, but there is a need for applied research to develop and evaluate such approach.

Aims and objectives

ePRIME explores an innovative approach for remote monitoring/support of patients, using electronic Patient Reported Outcome Measures (ePROMs) and re-designed care pathways. We will adapt an already developed system (eRAPID) for use in routine practice, early phase trials and extend to other hospital locations. Firstly, the IT system will be extended. Two implementation projects will then perform feasibility studies:

  1. Remote monitoring/community surveillance of cancer patients in remission using ePROMs and tumour markers – including the following:
    1. Preparation of intervention,
    2. Audit of existing practice,
    3. Feasibility study of ePRIME monitoring in Leeds, Huddersfield & Bradford.
  2. Patient reporting of adverse events in early phase trials – including further IT development for this setting, one or two trials will be identified and ePROMs incorporated alongside standard AE recording. Interviews will be conducted with patients, clinicians and clinical trial researchers.

Research team

The programme brings together senior researchers, clinicians and patients with expertise and strong track records in cancer care, patient-centred research, health informatics, applications of IT for patient self-reporting, clinical trials methodology, qualitative methods and implementing interventions.


A pilot-tested system with information on patient compliance/feasibility, for use in routine care and/or trials to offer a scalable solution for monitoring patients.

Lead applicant: Professor Galina Velikova


  • Julia Brown (CTRU, University of Leeds)
  • Geoff Hall (Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust)
  • Sue Cheeseman (Bradford)
  • Johnathan Joffe (Calderdale & Huddersfield)
  • Jo Dent (Calderdale & Huddersfield)

For further information about this project please contact Dr Fiona Kennedy: f.r.kennedy@leeds.ac.uk