Pilot study to assess provision of simple support services information versus standard care in managing social difficulties in routine oncology practice

Project Start Date: 14th September 2009

Anticipated End Date: 13th September 2010

UKCRN Portfolio Number: 7042

Aim/ Objective

The objective of this study is to assess whether provision of information on support services can enhance patient well-being compared to standard practice. Specific aims are:

  1. to develop and evaluate a Support Services Information Pack (SSIP) for patients
  2. investigate the impact of this information provision on the process of care and patient well-being
  3. provide estimates of the effect size of this intervention in a future randomised controlled trial


A randomised pilot study with parallel group design will be used to compare process of care and outcome measure results for patients in receipt of the SSIP (intervention), versus those receiving standard care. Approximately 30 adult patients undergoing active chemo or radiotherapy will be recruited to each group. Outcome measures will be completed at baseline, with audio-recording of four consecutive consultations at baseline and three further visits. Patients will be asked to repeat the measures on the final visit, and then take part in a semi-structured exit interview to complete the study. Patient contact and discussion with nurses at outpatient visits will also be recorded using a checklist. Selected staff will complete de-briefing interviews following completion of the study.