QuEST T2: Pilot Study of Doctor Training Programme

Project Start Date: Summer 2011

Anticipated End Date: Recruitment completed in January 2013, data now being analysed and written up.

Aim/ Objective

The overall aim of this study is to pilot test the physician training programme specifically aimed at facilitating the integration of patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) of symptoms and HRQoL in oncology clinic consultations. The study will provide an estimate of the impact of physician training with the PROMs intervention on patient-doctor communication and will be a precursor to our future studies.


We plan to involve 3 oncologists and 60 of their patients, who are receiving chemotherapy treatment. The study utilises a quasi-experimental design (before and after). 30 patients will be invited to take part before the oncologists in the study attend the training programme and further 30 patients will be recruited after the training.