Questionnaire Validation

Project Start Date: Started recruitment: 2nd October 2010

Anticipated End Date: End of August 2010

Aim/ Objective

To evaluate the measurement properties and assess the clinical validity of the three adapted cancer site-specific questionnaires in oncology outpatients receiving chemotherapy.


All outpatients receiving chemotherapy for gynaecological, colorectal, or breast cancer will be invited to participate when attending outpatient clinic appointments.

All patients taking part in the study will be asked to complete the relevant cancer site-specific questionnaire on a touch-screen computer when. In addition, patients will also complete the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapies General (FACT-G), the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS), and the Distress Thermometer checklist as validated measures of HRQoL, anxiety and depression, and emotional distress respectively. Clinical details will be recorded from patient medical notes to allow for clinical validation of the adapted cancer site-specific questionnaires.

The data collected for each instrument will be used to investigate the measurement properties of each instrument. The validity of the instruments will be examined against previously validated measures (HADS, FACT-G, and Distress Thermometer). The clinical validity of each instrument will be assessed by examining known groups from clinical data (i.e., performance status, disease site, disease progression).