Dr Alexandra Gilbert

Dr Alex Gilbert

BSc Psychology (2001), MBBS (2006), MRCP (2009), PhD (2016) FRCR (2017)

Associate Professor in Clinical Oncology

Email: a.gilbert@leeds.ac.uk

Alex is an Associate Professor and honorary consultant in Clinical (Radiation) Oncology. Her research expertise is in the use of patient reported outcomes (PROs) in radiation toxicity measurement both in clinical trials and routine practice. She has particular interests in PRO methodology in clinical trials and in the use of PROs to develop predictive biomarkers of radiotherapy toxicity. She is the PRO and toxicity lead on multiple interventional radiotherapy trials including complex multi-centre platform RCTs evaluating novel agents and techniques. She leads two PRO methodological projects funded by the EORTC Quality of Life group, optimising the use of the EORTC Item Library. She also co-leads a workstream for the Horizons 2020 project, EUonQOL, developing a PRO toolkit to evaluate quality of life across Europe.


Prior to studying medicine at Royal Free and University College Medical School, London, Alex completed a BSc in Psychology at University College, London. Since joining the research and clinical teams in Leeds in 2010, she followed a seamless National Institute for Health Research funded clinical academic pathway to complete her training.

Research Interests

Alex’s research interests include:

  • Radiotherapy clinical trials
  • Measurement of patient reported outcomes (PROs) and quality of life
  • Predicting radiotherapy-related toxicity using radiotherapy dose data (normal tissue complication probability modelling)
Papers since 2020

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PhD supervision and teaching

Alex is the main supervisor for a clinical academic NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow. She has co-supervised two PhD students through to successful completion and regularly acts as an internal and external PhD examiner. She is also an educational supervisor for an academic clinical fellow.

In addition, she is an examiner for mock FRCR part 2 examinations in Leeds; teaching on regional FRCR Part 2 course; and contributor to RCR national trainee teaching programmes. Alex is an OSCE examiner for year 4 and 5 medical students and teaches on the Gateway to Medicine teaching course.

Professional Activities
  • Active member of EORTC Quality of Life Group and elected member of the Project and Module Development committee
  • Steering Committee member of the international PRO consortium, PROTEUS